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By Julie Maloney

When it comes to your children, everything has the potential to become your worst nightmare. Like most parents, Maddy Stewart kept those fears locked away until the day Vinni, her eight-year-old daughter, went missing. In her debut novel, A Matter of Chance, Julie Maloney deftly weaves loss, love, terror, and hope together in a story that will keep the reader turning pages.


By Henry Hack

Together again in book four of the A Danny Boyland Novel series, Detective Danny Boyland and his partner, Virgil “Spider” Webb catch, then solve a murder in record time. When the shooter confesses and pleads guilty, the chief is content to close the case. Add another one to the department’s best closers’ record. Danny and Spider recognize that almost always, murder is messy, and this one is just a little too neat. When FBI Agent Mike Havlek informs the duo that the victim was in witness protection, the fourth protected witness to be murdered, their instincts are validated.


A Maggie Miller Mystery -Book 3
By J.R. Ripley

In the third book of the Maggie Miller Mystery series, Beignets and Broomsticks, J.R. Ripley does it again with a Cozy perfect for a relaxing afternoon of guilty pleasure. Murder, mayhem, a surplus of suspects and a cursed espresso machine make for a read as delightful and airy as a plate of fresh beignets.


By Carrie Smith

Secrets, lies, and motives abound in the third book in Carrie Smith’s Claire Codella Mystery series, Unholy City.  Three bodies and a plethora of suspects bring Detective Claire Codella, Detective Brian Haggerty, and Detective Eduardo Muñoz back together again. The rector, the vestry members, the organist and the homeless men living in the church basement shelter find their lives under the microscopic lens of Detective Claire Codella in this fast-paced mystery set in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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