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Black Label

by James L’Etoile

Waking up naked in a stranger’s bed with an alcohol-fueled raging headache and no memory of how she got there is a woman’s worst nightmare. But the nightmare is just beginning for Jillian Cooper, the rising marketing star at Dynalife Pharmaceutical, she just doesn’t know it yet. All she can think about now is quietly escaping the richly appointed San Francisco apartment and getting home to her migraine medication and the welcome relief it will bring. Maybe then she’ll be able to sort out the murky details of exactly what happened.

Her Ocean Grave

by Dana Perry

After decorated NYPD Homicide Detective Abby Pearce witnesses the death of her partner—a death she feels responsible for—she accepts an offer from the mayor of Cedar Cliffs to join the smaller, quieter Martha’s Vineyard police force, where she’ll be the only detective. Returning to Martha’s Vineyard, the place where she grew up, is a huge adjustment for Abby. As is adjusting to the small-town’s police work, which usually consists of nothing more than “rowdy beach parties, traffic problems and lost dogs,” a stark contrast to the more brutal crimes she witnessed during her ten years with the NYPD.


by Tracy Clark

At two in the morning during another unforgiving Chicago winter, private investigator Cass Raines would much rather be cozied up at home than sitting in an over-heated burger joint waiting for a potential client. When the woman arrives, Cass learns that Leesa Evans has had a hard life, one of her own making through a series of bad decisions. Her drug addiction caused her to lose her daughter to foster care. Now clean, her road to recovery is still a work-in-progress, but she desperately wants to get her daughter back and she needs Cass to help.

Beyond the Headlines

by R.G. Belsky

In Beyond the Headlines, book four in the Clare Carlson Mystery series, Clare is busier than ever as the Channel 10 news director. Managing a news staff that includes an ambitious weatherperson and married co-anchors who are expecting their first child takes patience, common sense, and more than a touch of humor.

The Secrets They Left Behind

by Lissa Marie Redmond

As a retired cold case homicide detective, author Lissa Marie Redmond brings the voice of authenticity to her latest mystery, “The Secrets They Left Behind”. With a youthful protagonist—twenty-three-year old Buffalo police officer, Shea O’Connor—this mystery will appeal to a broad audience, from YA readers to retirees.

Don't Keep Silent

by Elizabeth Goddard

In Don’t Keep Silent, when journalist Rae Burke’s sister-in-law, Zoey, goes missing, her brother Alan begs her to use all her investigative skills to locate his beloved wife. When the trail leads her to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Rae is reluctant to return to the scene of a previous crime.

All We Buried

by Elena Taylor

There’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Elizabeth “Bet” Rivers. Born and raised in Collier, Bet left the cozy, close-knit Washington community to pursue a career in law enforcement in the big city—the City of Angels—Los Angeles, California. Bet’s plan is to move up the LAPD ranks to chief and come back to Collier in twenty years, but family means everything to Bet. 

The Last Scoop

By R.G. Belsky

In The Last Scoop, the third book in the Clare Carlson Mystery series, Clare is busy as ever with her current responsibilities as the Channel 10 news director. So busy, she has no time to help her old friend, mentor and former editor, Martin Barlow, at a time when he needs it the most—when the now-retired Marty is working on what might very well be his last big scoop. When Marty is murdered not long after their meeting, Clare’s sadness and guilt propel her to continue his quest, to complete the investigation that she suspects got him killed.


By Carl Vonderau

How far will one man go to protect his family? To Hell and back if that’s what it takes.

Since childhood, William McNary worked to erase his past and craft a new future. One without the terror his father—serial killer Harvey Dean Kogan—created when he murdered, dismembered, posed and photographed thirteen innocent women. It wasn’t long before Kogan’s “Preying Hands” photographs of artfully staged severed body parts launched a macabre market for his father’s “Murderabilia.” William had no choice but to reinvent himself.


By P.D. Halt

Amanda Lee is not having an easy time of it. After giving up her life in the United States for romance and a new life in Germany, everything begins to unravel. When Amanda’s fiancé dumps her, and with her New York life behind her, she forges ahead and creates a new life for herself by partnering with wealthy divorcée, Marlene Eichler, in opening a new art gallery. Just when Amanda is happy again and believes her new life to be firmly established, she is viciously attacked, her gallery partner is brutally murdered and again, her life begins to unravel, only this time, the consequences could be deadly. 


Steve C. Harms

After sinking the putt of a lifetime, Mary Hale is dead. The explosion that killed her left little evidence. The assassin that killed her left behind one obscure clue. Detective Roger Viceroy and his Midwest Region Special Crimes Unit team have virtually nothing to help them solve her murder. Tension builds as the assassin strikes again and again. The killings appear to be random because each murder is different, but Viceroy soon discovers that every crime scene contains a similar, solitary clue. The killer is clever and highly motivated. He thwarts and teases Viceroy and the Special Crimes Unit with each new victim. 


James L’Etoile

James L’Etoile wrote, “The past isn’t done with us yet.” Truer words were never written. In Bury the Past, his follow-up novel to At What Cost, the first Detective Penley Mystery, James L’Etoile has written another heart-pounding suspense novel filled with dramatic twists and turns. Detective John Penley’s son is recovering from a much-needed kidney transplant, his daughter has been suspended from school and his marriage is crumbling. When his wife leaves home for an unexpected break from the family, John is left to parent on his own, with no good answers to his children’s questions.

HUNTING HOUR A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery

By Margaret Mizushima

Timber Creek, Colorado sounds like an idyllic place to live, but Officer Mattie Cobb and her K-9 dog, Robo, know better. When called in to help locate a missing junior high student, Mattie and Robo are on the hunt. The hunt comes to a tragic end when the young girl is found dead not far from the high school. When the secret life of the murdered girl is exposed, the list of suspects grows, including the girl’s father and several teen-aged boys. When a second girl goes missing the job becomes much harder and more personal.


By Julie Maloney

When it comes to your children, everything has the potential to become your worst nightmare. Like most parents, Maddy Stewart kept those fears locked away until the day Vinni, her eight-year-old daughter, went missing. In her debut novel, A Matter of Chance, Julie Maloney deftly weaves loss, love, terror, and hope together in a story that will keep the reader turning pages.


By Henry Hack

Together again in book four of the A Danny Boyland Novel series, Detective Danny Boyland and his partner, Virgil “Spider” Webb catch, then solve a murder in record time. When the shooter confesses and pleads guilty, the chief is content to close the case. Add another one to the department’s best closers’ record. Danny and Spider recognize that almost always, murder is messy, and this one is just a little too neat. When FBI Agent Mike Havlek informs the duo that the victim was in witness protection, the fourth protected witness to be murdered, their instincts are validated.


A Maggie Miller Mystery -Book 3
By J.R. Ripley

In the third book of the Maggie Miller Mystery series, Beignets and Broomsticks, J.R. Ripley does it again with a Cozy perfect for a relaxing afternoon of guilty pleasure. Murder, mayhem, a surplus of suspects and a cursed espresso machine make for a read as delightful and airy as a plate of fresh beignets.


By Carrie Smith

Secrets, lies, and motives abound in the third book in Carrie Smith’s Claire Codella Mystery series, Unholy City.  Three bodies and a plethora of suspects bring Detective Claire Codella, Detective Brian Haggerty, and Detective Eduardo Muñoz back together again. The rector, the vestry members, the organist and the homeless men living in the church basement shelter find their lives under the microscopic lens of Detective Claire Codella in this fast-paced mystery set in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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